KENYA RISING LAUNCH! by Cecilia Brenda (One Billion Rising Kenya Coordinator)

Published: 30 November 2018 > Kenya


1 billion Rising Kenya has embarked on “Rising as a way of life 2019! We will speak and act on issues sorrounding SGBV everyday, 24/7 until the violence ends. The Youth have become stronger in the call to end SGBV. Let us walk the talk together. Rising towards 14th February…

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Kenya Rising to protect nursing mothers against sexual violence by hospital staff

Published: 24 January 2018 > Kenya


“Violence against anyone is bad enough. But violence against patients and nursing mothers is completely unacceptable. Hospitals are one of the safe spaces we have in society, a place where one goes to not out of leisure but out of pressure. Our patients MUST be kept safe. ONE BILLION RISING…

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An Update from Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative and the V-Day Safe House for the Girls in Kenya, December 2016

Published: 6 February 2017 > Kenya


The following update was provided by Agnes Pareyio, Founder of the Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative and the V-Day Safe House for the Girls. She is also a One Billion Rising and V-Day Activist. SUPPORT this important work by donating today > Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative is a community-based organization in the southern…

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Field Update from Dolphin Anti-Rape Activists In Kenya

Published: 13 September 2016 > Kenya


The following report was sent by self-defense teacher and cofounder of Dolphin Anti-Rape, Duncan Bomba, seen here training a local woman: “I cant wait to share the report we got from Olchoro in Narok County where Lesana K. saved herself from two attackers on her way from Narok Town. The local women community leader called…

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Female Genital Mutilation: Invisible Hand of Patriarchy by Naomi Mwaura

Published: 9 February 2015 > Kenya

It is nearly impossible to discuss the practice of female genital mutilation without eliciting reactions from both supporters and opposers of the practice. However, the health risks of female genital mutilation such as death, pregnancy risk, painful sexual experiences, difficulty with urination, menstrual issues far outweigh the benefits of continuing…

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Rising: A statement from the girls of Tasaru in Kenya

Published: 14 February 2014 > Kenya

Here is why Tasaru Rescue Center is Rising for Justice. Why do you RISE?

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Rising: The Girls of Tasaru Rescue Center in Kenya

Published: 14 February 2014 > Kenya

As the girls took to the streets and marched they chant ” NO FGM! NO early marriage! We are RISING for Justice!”

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Watch: Kenyan youth Share their visions of justice

Published: 12 February 2014 > Kenya


We rise 4justice and we feel more connected. We rise because violence against women continue to prevail in Africa. We rise because FGM continues to deny our girls their rights over their bodies. We rise because we want freedom to make our own informed decision over our bodies. We rise…

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Rise4Justice Blog: Serial killer on the loose targeting sex workers and PIMP by PENINAH MWANGI

Published: 11 February 2014 > Kenya

City mortuary demonstration[7]

Serial killer on the loose targeting sex workers In April 2010, after eight prostitutes were murdered in the tiny town of Thika, a serial killer was arrested in Kisii town some 200 miles away. For the family of one murdered sex worker, sadness and poverty are constant. In Kenya, where…

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Rise4Justice Blog: Death at the disciplined force camp by PENINAH MWANGI

Published: 11 February 2014 > Kenya

In the morning of December 22nd 2013 only two days to Christmas, Agnes Tanga a sex worker operating in Nairobi was called by one of her regular sexual partner corporal Mwisho a disciplined force officer. She left Nairobi and took a bus to the disciplined force camp some 10 kilometers…

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