Remembering Val Gaiter

Published: 25 August 2021

  With the pandemic’s devastating effects on the prison communities and the world, this year has been tough on all of us. August 12th, 2021, was a day criminal justice advocates set aside to remember the life of Valerie Gaiter, my co-defendant. Val never received the proper medical evaluation and…

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California Journey: With A Little Piece Of Light

Published: 24 June 2021

As an advisory board member of Donna Hylton’s A Little Piece of Light, I was invited to attend the organization’s trip to touch base with their California partners. A Little Piece of Light is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and facilitate healing for women, girls, and gender-fluid…

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A Little Piece of Light Summer BBQ

Published: 3 June 2021

(Reposted from vday.org) Donna Hylton is a Jamaican-American author and criminal justice activist. She founded, A Little Piece of Light, the non-profit, which bears the same name as her book, both created out of her lived experience of 27 years of incarceration. Ms. Hylton pulled off a fantastic event in…

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Formerly Incarcerated Women Meeting the Needs of Their Communities

Published: 2 April 2021

According to the Sentencing Project, the number of incarcerated women increased by more than 700%, rising from a total of 26,378 in 1980 to 222,455 in 2019.1 Though many more men are in prison than women, the rate of growth for female imprisonment has been twice as high as that…

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100 Women 100 Days – Report from My Trip to DC to Advocate for Incarcerated Women’s Release from Prison

Published: 2 April 2021

The pandemic hit hard and restricted our travels, so I have not had the opportunity to travel and report on criminal justice reform issues since early 2020. This was my first time visiting Washington D.C. and I was proud to be doing it in a capacity to advocate for incarcerated…

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“Menstrual Equity” by Roslyn Smith, V-Day Beyond Incarceration Project Manager

Published: 15 September 2020

Most women don’t think twice about where they are going to acquire menstrual products, yet that is not the case for incarcerated women in prison, jails, detention centers and women’s shelters across the United States. Incarcerated individuals and other people in the criminal justice system often have to resort to begging…

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“Free in the Time of Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter Movement” by Roslyn Smith, V-Day Beyond Incarceration Project Manager

Published: 9 June 2020

“We are a society that has been structured from top to bottom by race. You don’t get beyond that by deciding not to talk about it anymore. It will always come back; it will always reassert itself over and over again.” – Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw I was released from prison…

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“Covid-19: The First Reported Death at The Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women” by Roslyn Smith, V-Day Beyond Incarceration Project Manager

Published: 4 May 2020

Covid-19 is an unprecedented and unpredictable global crisis, a defining moment in our history. This virus has affected everyone, but not equally. The deep structural inequalities in economics, health care systems, prisons, race, class and gender around the world are being exposed with devastating results to the most vulnerable people,…

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“Covid-19 & Incarceration” by Roslyn Smith, V-Day Beyond Incarceration Project Manager

Published: 21 March 2020 > USA

This virus is affecting all of us, those in prison are especially vulnerable. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, nearly 2.3 million people are held in prisons and jails nationwide (Prison Policy Initiative). Prison populations cannot “self-isolate,”  “social distance” or “flatten the curve,” nor are…

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