Rising Solidarity

RISE In the Streets 25 September, Global Solidarity Action For and With Women of Afghanistan

Published: 15 September 2021 > Afghanistan

We rose online on 1 September, now we will RISE in the streets 25 September. Already activists around the globe have planned events in the streets in Mexico, Croatia, Congo, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, UK, Philippines, Jamaica, Portugal, Taiwan, Austria, and the United States with events in Los Angeles…

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Published: 2 February 2017

In these noxious times as Donald Trump establishes himself as President alongside right-wing racist patriarchs like Modi in India, and Putin in Russia, it is so urgent for women and the people who love them to stand against racist misogynist hatreds, and come together in radical solidarity for a humane…

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“Women’s Solidarity” by Donna Hylton (USA)

Published: 16 November 2016

As I think about solidarity, women’s solidarity, my solidarity, after 27 years of being identified as inmate 86G0206, I am immediately transported back into my 8′ by 10′ foot cinderblock cell. It was in that cell that I first found solidarity with self. It was where I began to understand…

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“Solidarity” by Sharon Cabusao (Philippines)

Published: 24 October 2016

Moreta Alegre. Kendra James. Yazidi women. Bai Bibyaon. The young girls of Iraq and Syria. Our Palestinian sisters. When I think of solidarity, I think of these women, and thousands more suffering under particular circumstances. There is no part of the world today where there is no woman crying for…

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“What Solidarity Means To Me” By Colani Hlatjwako (Swaziland)

Published: 17 October 2016

Put in the most simplest of terms solidarity means unity in pursuit of a common goal. This article however, requires that I make my own analysis and interpretation of WHAT SOLIDARITY MEANS TO ME. Naturally, when one is expected to write what she thinks on a particular subject, it becomes inevitable to appreciate the circumstances…

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“In Sisterhood We Stand” by Yanar Mohammed (Iraq)

Published: 3 October 2016

In Sisterhood We Stand Against all odds and against all attacks   In spite of the explosions that continue to shake Baghdad every night, I will continue to write this message to the end, and will not stop the flow of words even if the attacks come closer to my…

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“POLITICS OF WOMEN’S SOLIDARITY” by Lepa Mladjenovic (Belgrade)

Published: 18 September 2016

Women’s solidarity starts with my decision to hear the Other. To hear her experience, to make a space in my body for her, so that she can let her story come through the way she tells it. This means that I have agreed that experience of each woman is equally…

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