We rose online on 1 September, now we will RISE in the streets 25 September. Already activists around the globe have planned events in the streets in Mexico, Croatia, Congo, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, UK, Philippines, Jamaica, Portugal, Taiwan, Austria, and the United States with events in Los Angeles and New York City in the works. Plan a rising in your community, school, or town.

We take our lead from our Afghan sisters – activists who have amplified the on-the-ground realities and needs for over twenty years, working tirelessly and creatively to support women and girls and their families amidst an endless, imperialist war.

Women of the world and our allies stand with the women – and all vulnerable groups – of Afghanistan against imperialism, militarism, fundamentalism, and fascism. None of us are free until the women of Afghanistan are free.

We stand with the women of Afghanistan who believe women have the right to education, to travel, to freedom of movement, to jobs, to security, just having freedom to be able to breathe and be. We cannot underestimate the power of our solidarity at this moment.

JOIN US, RISE In the Streets on Saturday, 25 September – Women of the world and all our allies rise, roar and rage for the women in Afghanistan. Stage a global solidarity action in your city, town, school. everywhere. RISE in the streets, stage creative political protests and artistic risings (safely). Invite everyone, reach out to activists, students, artists, social justice groups, and more. Wear masks. Social distance. All events outside (or online).

Over these last weeks, a coalition of groups and activists have spent much time talking with our sisters on the ground in Afghanistan. In the spirit of our work and always taking the lead from women on the ground, we asked them what they most needed and they told us:

They need our solidarity.
They need our support.
They need our eyes on Afghanistan.
They need us not to recognize the Taliban.
They need massive humanitarian aid.
They need our sisterhood.
They need us to Roar, Rage, and Rise.

In consultation with many of them, we created a list of demands and a call to action. People and groups from all over the world have signed on in support with more signing on and planning actions on 25 September.

See you in the streets.

In solidarity,
One Billion Rising, V-Day and City of Joy

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