Eswatini Launched for 2024

Published: 23 November 2023 > Eswatini

Launched: 23 November 2023 (Shared by Colani Hlatjwako – OBR Africa Regional Coordinator and OBR Eswatini Coordinator) Highlights of the Media tour: #1BillionRising Eswatini Lauched the 2024 theme and commemorated 16 days of activism against GBV with 5 media houses on the 23rd November 2023 (Eswatini TV, Eswatini Observer, Times…

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Media Statement of Eswatini Women’s Coalition (LIPHIMBO LABOMAKE)

Published: 9 July 2021 > Eswatini

Following is the Media statement of the Eswatini Women’s Coalition/Movement. One Billion Rising is part of the women’s coalition/movement in Eswatini and One Billion Rising Eswatini/OBR Africa Director Colani Hlatjwako is part of the task team within the women’s coalition. Liphimbo LaboMake, a non-partisan coalition of women from all walks…

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Published: 2 July 2021 > Eswatini

One Billion Rising stands in solidarity with the people of Eswatini in their call for Eswatini Leaders/ Government to engage in dialogue and not to deprive people their rights to freedom of expression. Shared from Eswatini activists: “There have been ongoing unrest and protests happening in Eswatini following the government…

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