Men Rising

Sri Lanka

Men Rising is an initiative that grew out of men around the world responding to the call to end violence against women and girls. It recognizes that violence against women can only be addressed by engaging men. Rising events in the last three years involved men and boys on an unprecedented scale – with men committing to doing everything in their power to be part of the solution to end violence. Men organized, gathered, and mobilized other men to:

  • Join the struggle to end to violence against women and girls
  • Encourage their peers to stop the abuse and to speak up about the rights of women and girls
  • Treat women with respect, dignity and equality
  • Commit to bringing attention to the rights of women
  • Stand and rise for justice and dignity for all women
  • Rise against all forms of patriarchy
  • Fight for social justice for women and girls

One Billion Rising for Justice, One Billion Rising: Revolution, One Billion Rising: Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Women, and One Billion Rising saw groundbreaking, transformative initiatives led and organized by men, serving as an inspiration for other men around the world to be part of the radical shift in consciousness in how women and girls are treated and seen on the community and global level. Men Rising will continue as a dynamic and essential part of the global call to revolution.

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