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WE ARE RISING – New Liberation Anthem & Accompanying Video Released

Published: 31 December 2019

In 2020, together we will RAISE THE VIBRATION through Action, Art, Connection, Imagination, and Love as survivors, activists, youth create #VDay benefits, #1BillionRising and #RaiseTheVibration creative resistance events across the planet. Social justice artist Taína Asili has composed and written a liberation song – in collaboration with One Billon Rising,…

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RISE 2020

Published: 31 December 2019

In 2020, together we will RAISE THE VIBRATION through Action, Art, Connection, Imagination, and Love as survivors, activists, youth create V-Day benefits, One Billion Rising and Raise the Vibration creative resistance events across the planet. Together, we RISE to free all women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities)…

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Your Solidarity & Support Make This Movement Possible

Published: 24 December 2019

Dearest Activists, Friends & Supporters, 2019 was a powerful year in our movement that saw grassroots activists pushing boundaries and engaging in dialogue through an intersectional lens, with art and activism always at the forefront. V-Day, One Billion Rising, and City of Joy activists around the world escalated the urgency…

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Free Chrystul Kizer

Published: 20 December 2019

Photo: Yet again, our criminal justice system is failing black women and girls. Chrystul Kizer, a black teenager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is facing life in prison for defending herself against her abuser, Randall Volar, III, a 34-year-old white male.  When Chrystul was 17, Volar began sexually assaulting and trafficking her…

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Turn Pain to Power; Give JOY this Holiday Season

Published: 19 December 2019

As we near the end of the year, our hearts are full with the abundance of love that fuels our movement, led by survivors, youth, artists & activists in countries everywhere. Together, we are united in our fight to end violence against all women and girls (cisgender, transgender, and those…

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NEW! Just Out! A Cappella Arrangement for “Like a Woman” by Ryan Amador

Published: 18 December 2019

For our 2020 season, we’ve released the a cappella arrangement of “Like A Woman”, by the Grammy award winning producer Ben Bram (Pentatonix). The song was first released as a single and accompanying music video in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019. Download the arrangement, and learn more at…

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Join us in celebrating City of Knowledge in Kabul

Published: 18 December 2019 > Afghanistan

#RaiseTheVibration, Educate a Generation! Join us in celebrating City of Knowledge in Kabul City of Knowledge, CKO -formerly Promoting Women’s Capability by Education (PWCE) Center- is an education center for girls and women in #Kabul, Afghanistan just shared this incredible recap of their work! Rising in the face of four…

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OBR India newsletter (Oct – Nov 2019)

Published: 12 December 2019 > India

Just in from Abha Bhaiya, OBR India Coordinator: “Enclosed please find the first OBR Newsletter with short recall of the last 7 year; the OBR India and the OBR Delhi launches led by Kamla Bhasin and the Sangat South Asia team. The OBR 2020 was also launched in Mumbai JOINTLY…

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“No Encounters In Our Name”: One Billion Rising India Joins Actions Against Increasing Sexual Assault – and Calls on the World to Rise in Solidarity!

Published: 7 December 2019 > India

(Shared by Abha Bhaiya – One Billion Rising India coordinator): “No Encounters in our Name”- Protest on 9th December in Bangalore against increasing cases of sexual assault. The women organisations have given a call to change the society entrenched in rape culture and have condemned the calls for death penalty….

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Eve Ensler’s TED Talk “The Profound Power of An Authentic Apology” Out Today

Published: 6 December 2019

Just days after she delivered the talk, Eve Ensler’s newest TED talk “The Profound Power of An Authentic Apology” has been released, one of the first videos coming out of TEDWomen 2019. Held in Palm Springs, the annual event was founded and is editorially directed by V-Day Board member and author of…

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