OBR Eswatini (Swaziland) Update by Colani Hlatjwako (OBR Eswatini coordinator/ OBR Africa Regional Coordinator)

Published: 22 October 2020 > Swaziland

#1BillionRising Eswatini/Swaziland 2021 launch Reminded us of the power of unity, love and humanity. 15 organizations joined and put up their banners rising insolidarity in honour of women workers, Women and girls and mother earth.Powerful presentations were made by our Amazing Speakers including Her Excellency Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones European Union…

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Published: 16 November 2018 > Swaziland

Swaziland launched their One Billion Rising 2019 campaign today, November 16th – led by One Billion Rising Swaziland Coordinator and OBR Africa Regional coordinator Colani Hlatjwako. Swaziland has maintained the consistent OBR global calls for “revolution” and “solidarity” and has taken on the global theme of “Rising, not just a…

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OBR Swaziland: Rising for Domestic Workers!

Published: 13 September 2017 > Swaziland

The Women And Law in Southern Africa-Swaziland, long time One Billion Rising organizers, led by its National Director – Colani Hlatjwako (OBR Africa Regional Coordinator) – will be holding a One Billion Rising Street Dance in commemoration of the Domestic Workers Day on September 17th. #RiseInSolidarity #RiseForTheInformalSector #RiseAgainstTheExploitationOfDomesticWorkers

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SWAZILAND RISING! Update from OBR Swaziland and Africa Regional Coordinator Colani Hlatjwako

Published: 20 June 2017 > Swaziland

SWAZILAND RISING! June 17, 2017 By Colani Hlatjwako (OBR Swaziland Coordinator/ OBR Africa Regional Coordinator/ National Director at Women and Law in Southern Africa Swaziland) “OBR Swaziland: Women and Girls Leading the Revolution for Peace and Justice” Last Saturday, June 17th, Women and Law in Southern Africa-Swaziland had the privilege…

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Published: 7 October 2016 > Swaziland

THROUGH the participation of stakeholders, partners, and sponsors to The One Billion Rising Launch, it was evident that each and every one who attended are dedicated to making an impact in the lives of women and girls. One Billion Rising will go down in history as the greatest campaign launched…

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RISING at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) People’s Summit by Colani Hlatjwako

Published: 19 August 2016 > Swaziland

On the 18th of August, 2016 SADC women had a successful side event, “Engaging with SADC Civil Society Organisations” during the SADC people’s summit on the socio-economic and political issues affecting women in the region; ahead of the 36th Summit of SADC Head of States which will be held in…

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#Rise4Revolution Report: Swaziland Rising For Revolution by Colani Hlajwako

Published: 18 February 2016 > Swaziland

The following report was provided by One Billion Rising Swaziland Coordinator Colani Hlajwako:  Our Rising Started with a march in manzini city center, to a Mavuso exhibition center where there was a revolutionary conversations/dialogue, then later a Revolutionary youth dancing competition. This year, thousands braved the extreme heat and attended…

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#Rise4Revolutuion: Building the Revolution in Swaziland by Colani Hlatjwako

Published: 15 January 2016 > Swaziland

In Swaziland, the hype for the REVOLUTION is very high. We kick started the year by having a presentation with Girls Club Leaders from over 50 schools in preparation for the youth revolutionary dancing competition. These young women will be coordinating the dancing teams in their different clubs. Beginning next…

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Rising: Young Men Rising in Swaziland

Published: 25 March 2014 > Swaziland

The following is an interview put forward to a young men’s organization who support the One Billion Rising for Justice Campaign. Here are some V-Men in the making!    1.  What is the Swaziland Youth Empowerment Organisation, and what do you do? The Swaziland Youth Empowerment Organization/ LUVATSI is a youth led organization…

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Watch: Yebo ArtReach in Swaziland lend their voices to One Billion Rising

Published: 3 March 2014 > Swaziland

Women at Yebo Art Reach share this song from the Women’s Voices Art Project.

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