In Swaziland, the hype for the REVOLUTION is very high. We kick started the year by having a presentation with Girls Club Leaders from over 50 schools in preparation for the youth revolutionary dancing competition. These young women will be coordinating the dancing teams in their different clubs. Beginning next week we will be visiting the different clubs to view rehearsals. The workshop was organised by Peace Corps at IDM on 14 January and we also had a discussion on Domestic violence and abuse.

It was an exciting discussing to see the energy and passion that this club leaders have in empowering other young women in their different communities.

On the other hand, grassroots mobilisation is on-going through the community Paralegals from Women and Law in Southern Africa Swaziland, one of the organisations that support OBR in Swaziland. I will also be meeting with artists from Arts Awake, they have partnered with OBR in the campaign. 

Arts Awake is an organisation established by Swazi artists who are passionate for using the arts for community service while also growing and promoting the arts in Swaziland. 

#Listen! Act! Rise!