June 17, 2017
By Colani Hlatjwako
(OBR Swaziland Coordinator/ OBR Africa Regional Coordinator/ National Director at Women and Law in Southern Africa Swaziland)

“OBR Swaziland: Women and Girls Leading the Revolution for Peace and Justice”

Last Saturday, June 17th, Women and Law in Southern Africa-Swaziland had the privilege of taking part in an event organised by the talented Khosi Shabalala from Ambience Spa. Women and Law in Southern Africa Swaziland lead OBR events yearly in the country.

The event was a beautiful build-up to the One Billion Rising Revolution Swaziland 2018 campaign, as our very own Swazi citizens took the initiative and made a bold statement towards #EndingGenderBasedViolence. Socially responsible companies such as Galitos and Chesa Nyama, stood together with the people and various NGOs, in demanding an end to #GenderBasedViolence.

RISE! Join us as we take a stand against Gender Based Violence.