Today the 14/02/14 we note with concern that our local communities are affected by gender violence. The Women’s Affairs Report of March 2013 noted that Mashonaland Central Province, which part of the province we have jurisdiction in has the highest prevalence rate of gender violence countrywide currently at 56%.

We note that although the violence affect both men and women, women and girls suffer the most and continue to be vulnerable. Women and girls’ lives are threatened and destroyed by violence. This is violence that occurs both in the private and public lives of women and girls.

Violence destroys families. It negatively impacts on societal development. It erodes the moral fiber whose spirit and philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ we believe in as and African people. All this undoubtedly perpetuates poverty and injustices among us as a people and our communities.

kuzvipira-declarationToday we note with concern the amount of work we have to undertake as leaders to help our communities desist from perpetrating violence against women. We the undersigned commit to:

  1. Collaborate with all people in our communities, women, men, girls and boys to bring to book all perpetrators of violence against women in our communities.
  2. Contribute significantly in ensuring that there is gender sensitivity in the way cases are judged in the traditional court.
  3. Take action on issues and cases brought forward by or on behalf of women and girls that may or are affecting their peace and security in the community.
  4. Support initiatives women and girls and promote equality
  5. Condemn and speak out against violence against women at all meetings held in the community
  6. We commit to 1 Billion Rising for Justice

We acknowledge that this will not be easy, but it is a Promise we are making to always remind ourselves that we will make a difference in the lives of women, girls, families and communities we live in.