To welcome #1BillionRising 2020, the Maasai girls of the Tasaru Rescue Center / V-Day Safe House For The Girls in Narok, Kenya performed “Dear Mathilde” by Kenyan singer named Muthoni Drummer Queen. The girls made this video in solidarity with One Billion Rising. They Rise in celebration of girl’s education and for an end to the violence of female genital mutilation and early childhood marriage.

Established in 2002, developed and run by Agnes Pareyio and Tasaru Ntomonok, the V-Day Safe House for the Girls provides an alternative ritual, shelter & schooling for girls escaping Female Genital Mutilation and Early Childhood Marriage. The safe house is refuge to 50 – 60 Maasai girls who have courageously said NO to the tribal traditions of Female Genital Mutilation, Early Childhood Marriage and the refusal to educate girls.

“Dear Mathilde” by Muthoni Drummer Queen used by permission of the poet. Please check out this link to her recording, “She”.

Video produced and directed by Kim Rosen, with the support of Agnes Pareyio, Salula Naingisa, Jacinta Meteur and Annie Kaup.

#EndFGM #RiseResistUnite #RiseInSolidarity #UntilTheViolenceStops