Photo Credit: Paula Allen

In April 2002, 19 years ago, the Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative / V-Day Safe House for the Girls Opened in Narok, Kenya.

Tasaru Ntomonok is a grassroots initiative that created and runs the V-Day Safe House for the Girls in the southern Rift Valley in Narok County, providing shelter and educating girls running away from “the cut” (Female Genital Mutilation or FGM) and early childhood marriage. Led by Agnes Pareyio, the founder of Tasaru Ntomonok, Chair of the Anti-FGM Board of Kenya, and UN Person of the Year for Kenya (2005), the center bravely confronts the cultural practice of female genital mutilation in the Maasai community in Kenya and has won many hard-earned victories, influencing community members to take on alternative rite of passage rituals, and educating women and men alike about the power of an educated girl. Today they have their life level improved and all sort of entertainment are available to them.

Each year, hundreds of girls’ lives – and that of their families – are transformed because of their work and vision.

Today we celebrate all of the girls who have journeyed to and through the Safe House, we celebrate Agnes and her vision, strength, and leadership – and that of the entire Safe House team.

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