Rise4justice Blog: One Billion Rising Nairobi By Annie Eagleton

Published: 21 January 2014 > Kenya

Annie Eagleton 
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We, that is Naomi Mwaura and myself, met for the first time in early November to begin discussing the Nairobi One Billion Rising (OBR) event and brainstorm ideas and possible venues. Our earliest idea was Uhuru (‘Freedom’) Park, famous since Independence, as both relaxation and rallying place for the public….

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RISE4JUSTICE BLOG: Self-Defense in Kenya – Update on Dolphin Anti Rape and AIDS Control Outreach by Duncan O O Bomba

Published: 8 January 2014 > Kenya


Nairobi is fine with clouds and sun as we prepare to run some teacher trainings before we take the intervention to Cape Town SA in March 2014. The recent lively discussion on stopping rape in Africa opened up thoughts and views of Africa Summit activists and brought in new energy…

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