We rise 4justice and we feel more connected.
We rise because violence against women continue to prevail in Africa.
We rise because FGM continues to deny our girls their rights over their bodies.
We rise because we want freedom to make our own informed decision over our bodies.
We rise 4justice because rape in Africa is the order of the day.
We rise to say no to FGM.
We rise to say no to Early forced marriages.
We rise to say no to Rape.
–Agnes Pareyio
Agnes Pareyio, Founder of V-Day Safe House, Tasaru Ntomonok Rescue Center For Girls, will rise and dance for justice on the 14th February.  Together with pupils and university students from our local campus, they will march from the V-Day Safe House to the District Children’s Officer office, the custodian of the Children’s Act, to demand justice for the girls forced into early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation.