The following report was sent by self-defense teacher and cofounder of Dolphin Anti-Rape, Duncan Bomba, seen here training a local woman:

“I cant wait to share the report we got from Olchoro in Narok County where Lesana K. saved herself from two attackers on her way from Narok Town. The local women community leader called us to tell us the good news. Using her powerful elbow to hit the guy who had grabbed her from behind she was able to get away as the other guy disappeared from the scene.

The strategies have taught women and girls to be daring enough to save themselves from such perpetrators. We thank V-Day a lot for supporting this work. Because of V-Day the woman is a hero and victor against rape.”

Since their creation in 1998, Dolphin Anti-Rape has led the way to prevent sexual violence in Nairobi, Kenya. As a grassroots NGO, their small team has delivered life-saving sexual violence prevention education to over one million teachers, students and community members.  V-Day and One Billion Rising have supported the ongoing and growing work of the founders and team leaders, Winnie Anyango and Duncan Bomba Omwani Papa Omundu Umundu since 2001.

Their training model concentrates on prevention education for schools, churches and women’s groups through communication materials on sexual violence and HIV/AIDS prevention; lesson modules on medical and legal assistance for sexual violence survivors, and information of Kenya’s sexual offense law. But ultimately their goal is to teach students to identify sexual violence and utilize self-defense skills to protect themselves.

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