The 2017 campaign is launching around the world throughout September. Read about the local issues and exploitations communities are Rising against, and how they are incorporating radical artistic expressions into their events as a show of Solidarity.


Copenhagen/ Aalborg
3-5 September 2016

One Billion Rising Global Director Monique Wilson was invited to Denmark last 3rd and 4th of September by Danner and Kit Women’s Organizations to be a guest speaker at their Caravan Meetings with Filipino and Migrant communities in Denmark with the theme on Domestic Violence, Gender Equality and Women’s Rights. The gatherings were held in Copenhagen and Aalborg. While at the meeting, the migrant communities and artists joined by Danish women’s rights groups, parliamentarians, students and OBR activists, launched OBR 2017 with open discussions on cultural challenges solidarity, exploitation, empowerment, community and revolutionary change – which led into moderated discussions on what the communities felt were the solutions moving forward to helping eliminate violence against women in Denmark. Both events culminated in the rousing OBR dancing of “Break The Chain.”

On 5 September, Monique launched OBR 2017 with other migrants and grassroots communities at a One Billion Rising Revolution solidarity discussion presentation held at the Gabriela Women’s Unite Denmark – and hosted by the International Forum Denmark.

hongkongHONG KONG
Indonesian Migrant Workers Launch
11 September 2016

Ahead of the global launch on September 19th, OBR in Hong Kong led by JARINGAN JBMI (Network of Indonesian Migrant Workers) – launched One Billion Rising Revolution 2017 on 11 September with an event at Victoria Park Causeway Bay Hong Kong. <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>See video here</a>.

JARINGAN JBMI is part of a huge network of One Billion Rising task force groups in Hong Kong, representing Indonesian Migrant and Domestic Workers in HK. Other task force group members for OBR HK comprising of other migrant and domestic workers groups include Mission for Migrant Workers, International Migrants Alliance, Bayan HK, United Filipinos in HK, Gabriela HK, Bethune House, Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) among many others. Migrant and Domestic Workers in Hong Kong have been Rising every year since OBR began in 2013.




On the 17th and 18th of September, the 7th edition of ManiFiesta will take place in Bredene, at the Belgian seaside. ManiFiesta, the festival of solidarity, is organised by the monthly magazine Solidair and by Doctors for the People. Last year 13.000 visitors were welcomed. This year the program will be extended to an entire weekend, with artists on stage, debates, meetings, a lot of people and an amazing atmosphere.  

Doctors for the People and Marianne, women’s movement of the Workers’ Party of Belgium will introduce the One Billion Rising campaign at ManiFiesta and dance the OBR anthem “Break The Chain”. The dance was adapted in rhythm to match the Belgian public. With this dance the objective is to sensibilize around the problem of violence against women and around the structural inequality between women and men. With this dance the hope is to construct a society that diminishes the gap between women and men – and to dance against the right wing governmental measures taken that hit women hard. Another objective is to underline alternatives like a 30-hour workweek that gives a lot of opportunities to attack the inequalities on the labour market.

At ManiFiesta, the plan is to dance with all the participants in a big collective dance moment, thus making a clear statement.  

It will take place on Sunday the 18th of September at 15h00 right before the central speakers moment at 15h30. There will be dance instructors at 5 different places on the terrain that will help the people study the choreography. On Saturday the 17th there will be a big repetition at the pavilion of Doctors for the People at 15h00.


Sangat South Asia, OBR organizers all over South Asia, will be launching OBR 2017 at the TEWA Center in Kathmandu Nepal, together with the Meeto Memorial Award and the Sangeeti Recognition award to celebrate Sangat’s collective and cumulative work in the region and beyond. This year, Sangat is holding their 21st South Asian Feminist Capacity Building Course on Gender, Sustainable Livelihoods, Human Rights and Peace. Thirty four amazing women from 12 different countries  – all of the countries of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives), plus Myanmar, Ghana, Iran and Australia – come together for 32 days of learning, laughter and love – developing minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. The One Billion Rising 2017 celebrations in Nepal a celebration of global feminist solidarity!


Regional coordinator Rada Boric spoke recently at the International Workshop on the Issue of Sexual Violence in Kosovo and on the 19th – OBR Kosovo will launch their campaign with women activists and groups, rural women, women politicians and leading theatre people using art and activism. The artist group Artopolis will have a special program. Kosovo will be starting to implement the law on compensation for the victims of sexual violence in war and part of the OBR Kosovo plans will be to use OBR as a form to break the stigma surrounding sexual violence. Similar OBR 2017 launches will also be taking place in Bosnia, Cyprus and Serbia.


Focusing on our SOLIDARITY theme – GABRIELA PHILIPPINES is holding a media event with a panel of speakers comprised of women from different grassroots and marginalized sectors who will speak about what solidarity has done for their causes/cases/issues – in their respective sectors. They will also highlight in particular their SUCCESS stories/ what they have been able to achieve because of solidarity and MILITANT CREATIVE RESISTANCE. 

And also focusing on EXPLOITATION – they will also highlight the importance of CONTINUED SOLIDARITY for what needs to still be fought for.

philippines2Joining leaders of Gabriela and Gabriela Women’s Party – other speakers include:

  • A former political detainee – who will speak on how solidarity helped her release/ but who is still calling for the release of other women political prisoners
  • A Lumad (indigenous) leader – who will speak on how solidarity movements have helped highlight their plight of displacement and militarization – and how that visibility has put pressure on government and mining companies, and who, together with the army, are displacing, harassing and killing Lumad leaders and communities. And also to highlight their demand to end militarization, displacement and mining.
  • Lola Narcisa – Philippine comfort woman from the group LILA PILIPINA – former sex slave of World War II – who will speak on justice, sexual slavery and militarization.
  • An urban poor leader from Tondo – a slum area in Manila – speaking on the success their community has had in stopping the government driving them away from their homes – but who are still calling for justice their cause, including the removal of a coal stockpile that the government has dumped in their communities.
  • A National Democratic Front (NDF) Consultant who will talk on the recent peace talks in Oslo and how women are the forefront of the “Just Peace” campaign, and what the effects of the peace talks are on women in the country.
  • A peasant farmer speaking on their recent success on land now being distributed back to them because of years of protests and pressure and solidarity.
  • A survivor of Typhoon Haiyan who will talk about how they are rising, despite much criminal neglect of the government – because of solidarity. But who will call on fighting corruption, environmental plunder and disaster militarization. 
  • A representative from Salinlahi Alliance of Children’s Concerns – about violence affecting children
  • A factory worker (from KMU – Kilusang Mayo Uno) who will speak on their recent success with winning their strike against NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao Incorporated and the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) – after their militant resistance against the firing of 24 of their union leaders in an attempt to bust their union.

*At the media conference, there will also be showing of a short OBR Philippines film, focusing on the issues and OBR events that the speakers will be highlighting and speaking about:

  • POLITICAL REPRESSION (OBR of political prisoners inside the jail)
  • CORRUPTION (Typhoon victims OBR)

*After the panel, Gabriela community leaders and members will dance the Philippine OBR Revolution dance in the open square outside the venue.

22 September 2016

OBR Croatia will be launching their 2017 campaign on the occasion of the Croatian National Day Against Violence Against Women. This year OBR Croatia is rising for the women were killed by violent husbands or partners, for the hundreds of thousands of women have lost their jobs or economic resources or have experienced some form of institutional violence, for the women who are denied their reproductive and sexual rights, for victims of wartime sexual violence who are further stigmatized, for minority women and women with disabilities, and for members of the LGBT community.

On the 21st, there will be a special pre launch OBR launch with women – former workers of a textile factory.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
22 September 2016

OBR New Mexico is raising the issue of solidarity in ending violence against women for the 2017 campaign – highlighting the organizers and grassroots organizations who have been at the forefront of the movement and doing the work. On 22 September, OBR New Mexico will stand in solidarity with Chainbreakers in a protest action to demand protection for women and girls in marginalized districts of Santa Fe. The demands are for safe, fair and equitable housing free from state sanctioned violence of displacement and disinvestment – and to say boldly and loudly that “We Belong Here”!


OBR Swaziland will be launching the 2017 campaign with a media and civil society briefing, which will later be followed by a parallel discussion. Part of the launch will be a Maternity Campaign for domestic workers.

25 September 2016

A WORKERS RISING will be launching the OBR 2017 campaign in London led by the Justice For Domestic Workers (J4DW) group – long time V-Day and OBR organizers in London. The launch event will take place on Sunday, September 18, in London.

J4DW is a self-help grass-roots organization made up of multi-national migrant Domestic Workers in the UK established on March 15, 2009 – that empower migrant domestic workers to stand up and voice their opposition to any discrimination, inequality, slavery and all forms of abuse. Solidarity is at the core of their vision.

J4DW is rising for domestic workers’ rights to be recognized under the UK employment law. They are also Rising for changes to the immigration law reform and Modern Slavery Bill – to restore the Overseas Domestic Worker Visa. J4DW are Rising to demand respect for domestic work, dignity, humanity and equality.

New York

Representatives from various workers, nurses and labor groups, unions and alliances will gather to discuss what a Rise For Workers campaign coming into 2017 will look like in the USA. Some of the calls workers are rising for include Safer Working Environments, A Voice to speak out at work about rights, and a Live-able Wage and Equal Pay.

28 September 2016

OBR Zimbabwe will launch on 20 September with a press conference. Then on 28 September, women’s organizations will convene to strategize, discuss and develop a Zimbabwe’s Women’s Solidarity Charter  which will be used in their OBR 2017 campaign to strengthen solidarity at national and global level as Zimbabwean Sisters. 

For the launch, we are planing a press conference for the 20th of September, then we will meet up with Women’s organisations to discuss our rising Solidarity plan on the 28th of September.

2 OCTOBER 2016

One Billion Rising  Hong Kong – made up of international migrant and domestic workers working in Hong Kong – will be launching as part of Gabriela HK’s 8th anniversary. OBR Hong Kong task force groups in Hong Kong is comprised of migrant and domestic workers groups including Jangan JBMI (Network of Indonesian Migrant Workers), Mission for Migrant Workers, International Migrants Alliance, Bayan HK, United Filipinos in HK, Gabriela HK, Bethune House, Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) among many others. Migrant and Domestic Workers in Hong Kong have been Rising every year since OBR began in 2013. The launch will include migrant and domestic workers dancing all the versions of “Break The Chain” and other OBR dances from around the world! 

Migrant and Domestic workers in Hong Kong from countries all across South and Southeast Asia are Rising for:


They are also Rising for:


Guatemala City
16 September 2016 / 4 and 6 October 2016

OBR 2017 will be announced officially in the media on Friday, 16 September on Guatevisión at 9am.

Right after the television announcement, there will be an official launching at 10:30am with government action in connection to the National Commission for VAW prevention with OBR Guatemala as a partner.

On 4 and 6 October, there will be National Meetings for women in Guatemala City where the main launch of OBR 2017 will take place.

Mexico City
10 OCTOBER 2016

OBR Mexico will be holding a big press event to announce that one of their biggest Mexican pop stars Yuri will be joining OBR – and will be holding a massive concert in February for One Billion Rising Mexico. She will be joining forces with key activists and key politicians who fight for victims of trafficking – one of the biggest violence against women problems in Mexico. Yuri is well known across all Spanish speaking countries and is a staunch advocate of women’s rights.