The following report was filed by  OBR India Coordinator, Abha Bhaiya:

ONE BILLON RISING! A global movement to end violence against women

One billion rising is a global movement to end the violence against women. This campaign was initiated by the playwright activist Eve Ensler in 2012.

It has been experienced worldwide that one in every three women in the world are being exploited somehow. When the campaign started in 2012, it has been widely supported and celebrated at world level.

Nari Gunjan being devoted for the upliftment of Dalit and Musahar women and girls. Organization, working for the development of women and girls on many aspects having a special project on Domestic violence-“Promoting violence free lives for women” in Patna district.

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We conduct meetings with women, community people and youths (boys & girls) at village level to educate and aware people on types of domestic violence, how to minimize the problems or how to get rid of the problems.

As “ONE BILLION RISING” Campaign is being celebrated all over the world, Nari Gunjan took initiative to convey the message to maximum women (remotest area) possible.

The campaign was celebrated in Hardichak (Punpun,Block ) where around 2000 women & girls were gathered for the celebration.

All women seemed very excited and confident to listen and to share their ideas.

We started with the welcome song. Sudha Didi delivered a motivational speech on how one billion rising women are now ready to revolt against violence. She motivated all the women that it is high time to raise your voice. Let’s wake up! Stand up! Come forward! Join our hands & voice to put a bigger “NO” on the violence against women and girls.

Didi explained that women from all the class creed and caste are being exploited somehow, but they raise voice against it and get rid of it. Now women from all over the world coming forward to aware each for the reason and they all say that say that stop tolerating violence silently and say NO. Didi asked all the women present over there— are you ready to tolerate it silently?

All of them raised their voice—— NO! NO! NO!

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Didi motivated & welcomed women & girls to come on the stage & share their ideas. It was really very amazing that many of them came to the stage and share their views that how they were suffering previously but after raising their voice, after being educated or after being employed, their problems get reduced. They motivated each other that send your children to school, be it your son or be it your daughter. Women can also learn under Akshranchal program (supported by Nari Gunjan). They talked about child marriage also, that we should not get our children married before the right age.

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Many of women and girls sung songs. Girls presented group and solo dance. Sudha Didi also sung a motivation song. Two group plays was shown by community women and girls on domestic violence and on importance of education respectively. All the teachers of Nari Gunjan along with community women spoke some powerful slogans against domestic violence.

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Sargam Mahila band trained by Nari Gunjan presented their show. Girls from Nari Gunjan Prerna hostel present their karate art before the crowd and they requested all the women to let their daughters having higher education get trained for karate also so that they can protect themselves as and when needed.

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After all these, Sudha Didi requested all the people over there to stand up and take an oath about making violence free lives for all the women. Didi administered oath to all the people present over there. At the end, women along with all the gathering sung ONE BILLION RISING song.

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