Abha Bhaiya is one of the founder members of Jagori, a feminist organization set up in 1984 in Delhi. She has been active in women’s movements in India for nearly 40 years. She has been working on range of issues including women’s social, political and economic rights; the status of single women; women’s right to health, bodily integrity and well-being; sex and sexualities; against militarization, fundamentalisms; on food securities and livelihoods, organic agriculture and the increasing erosion of civil rights of the poorest.

Her major contribution has been in the field of feminist training methodologies, with extensive experience in conducting feminist trainings for multiple constituencies and in many different countries.

In 2002, she set up a feminist retreat TARA in one of the villages of lower Himalayas and also implemented a feminist community program now spread over nearly 150 villages in different locations with a team of nearly 75 activists and workers.

She is a member of some significant regional and transnational platforms and organization. For the last 3 years, she has been the OBR national coordinator in India.

Presently she lives and works in the same location and in addition to everything else, does organic agriculture on the Jagori Rural’s demonstration farm.