Rise4Justice Blog: Women don’t get fat in this country; Learning self-hatred in France – Sarah, a 25 year old activist

Published: 6 February 2014

Justice goes far beyond institutions.  A just society, to me, is a society free from hierarchies; where human beings who are born female are not doomed to become mere possessions – both literally and symbolically – of those who are born male.  A society where women are neither hated nor…

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Published: 6 February 2014

My name is Ntanganedzeni Jade Dzhivhuwo. A young woman from the rural part of Limpopo Province, a small village called Gogobole, Ha – Sinthumule. As a girl child growing up I had the privileged of being raised in a household headed by a very strong woman my mother. Yet I can’t run…

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Rise4Justice Blog: India: Parvathy Baul Sings For Love And Peace By Subhra Mazumdar

Published: 3 February 2014 > India

Delhi (Women’s Feature Service) – As the lights dimmed, there was a sudden hush in the auditorium. Then, in the most spectacular manner, piercing the darkness, a spotlight beamed on to the stage revealing a woman with matted locks and dressed in saffron clothing, with the ‘ektara’ and ‘duggi’ (traditional…

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Rise4Justice Blog: Why We Need the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to Stop Violence Against Women By Jessica Neuwirth[1]

Published: 3 February 2014

Unlike most other countries in the world, the United States does not have a constitutional equality provision guaranteeing equal rights for women. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has publicly affirmed that the United States Constitution does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has expressed…

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Rise4Justice Blog: The Rising has begun in Cape Flats, Cape Town South Africa by Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende

Published: 31 January 2014 > South Africa

Last Wednesday, January 22, women from Bonteheuwel, Mitchell’s Plein, Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Langa, Dunoon and Bonteheuwel Community Centre on the Cape Flats Bishop Lavis all came together to for a One Billion Rising for Justice, at . “Many shared their personal pains, and everyone shared in prayer. Through the testimonies,…

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Rise4Justice Blog: Bangladesh is rising for Kalpana, an indigenous activist and victim of militarization and impunity by Muktasree Chakma Sathi

Published: 30 January 2014

Kalpana Chakma, an indigenous and women rights activist was abducted on 12 June, 1996 from her home in Rangamati, Chittagong Hill Districts which is the most militarized part of Bangladesh. The government’s investigation agency totally failed to provide any information regarding her whereabouts even after 17 years of the abduction,…

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Rise4Justice Blog: A turkish perspective by Elif Shafak

Published: 27 January 2014

Author Elif Shafak is an award-winning novelist and the most widely read woman writer in Turkey. Critics have named her as “one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary Turkish and world literature.” Her books have been translated into forty languages and she was awarded the honorary distinction of Chevalier…

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Rise4Justice Blog: Syrian Activist Mouna Ghanem “Rises For Justice”

Published: 24 January 2014

Ages of negligence and centuries of injustice are the history of the Middle East. Women were second to the one and never brought to the front. Women were facing injustice on any level, the human, the social, the political and the economic. An accumulation of harm and underestimation was made…

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Rise4Justice Blog: Rising for Justice for Refugee Women by Rahela Hashim Sidiqi

Published: 22 January 2014 > United Kingdom

I came to the UK as a refugee from Afghanistan. While I was given refugee status relatively quickly and I have been able to begin to rebuild my own life, I am very aware that other women who seek asylum in the West are not so lucky. Through my work…

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Rise4Justice Blog: It’s Official, Haiti is Rising for Justice! by Anne-christine d’Adesky

Published: 21 January 2014 > Haiti

In the new year …. let’s RISE UP for justice in Haiti Dans la nouvelle année… RELEVONS nous pour la justice en Haiti Nan ane a nouvo …ANN Leve pou jistis ann Ayiti The One Billion Rising for Justice campaign launched this weekend in Haiti and we haven’t stopped rising all…

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