Ages of negligence and centuries of injustice are the history of the Middle East. Women were second to the one and never brought to the front. Women were facing injustice on any level, the human, the social, the political and the economic. An accumulation of harm and underestimation was made barriers in front of any woman seeking a refuge.

The Arab spring had brought another wave of extremists who want to pull the time wheel and get it turning reversely to the medieval centuries. The women in some parts of the Middle East started to suffer from the return of the devil extremists; they are day after day loosing rights and dignity.

The nations who went several steps as secular nations are threatened to loss that trend and go back to the age of fundamentalism and in a result abandoned all commitments to UN treaties and agreements such as CEDAW and children rights. This would mean another knife stapling the women status and rights in these societies.

Nowadays, millions of women are suffering the harsh consequences of the brutal actions in the so called Arab spring nations. They are left with no bread winner, displaced, emigrants and refugees. They lost the economic power and sometimes the social power. They are forced to accept blackmails and white slavery in their detentions. Many are exposed to child marriages and organized human crimes.

It is a call for everybody to stop fueling the war. The war is fueled by several nations and organisations. They are feeding the war and increasing the number of affected women, the volume of misery and impact of injustice. Ages of remedy won’t be enough to clear the consequences of the war and centuries of freedom won’t be enough to clear the clouds of black thought and believes.

The world is asked to stop fueling the devil; otherwise the devil would be giant and would eat up the whole fruits of human progress. The world through its mass media tools is either be on the side of peace or be the war flame. Globalisation brought the world to be a tiny spot, so it is stupid to say it won’t affect me, whatever goes in goes out, and everyone would pay part of the cost.

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