Photo Credit: Nika Kramer

Germany was among the countries in the world that had the biggest number of Risings in 2013. In November 2013, Eve visited Berlin to meet with activists, artists, politicians and media and to dialogue about the plans for One Billion Rising for Justice 2014 in Germany. In the afternoon, Eve met with around 60 V-Day and OBR activists, artists and women’s organisations. They had come together from towns and cities across Germany (and from Luxembourg and Kosovo), to share with each other and with Eve their stories and experiences, and to exchange ideas and plans for One Billion Rising for Justice 2014. The meeting was hosted by motion*s dance studio, which brought the great choreography to the video for sookee’s song “1 billion”.  Click here to view some photos of the meeting, and watch a video of Eve speaking to activists in Berlin. In the evening, Eve spoke at Soho House Berlin about her writing, her activism and plans for One Billion Rising for Justice 2014 at an event hosted by Sharmaine Lovegrove of Dialogue Books.  Her conversation with Sharmaine was followed by a rich exchange with the audience.

The mobilisation for One Billion Rising for Justice 2014 is going even further and deeper, than last year: all major nationwide networks and groups that work on ending violence against women – including federations of rape crisis centres, women’s shelters, the German Women’s Council, organisations representing women lawyers, migrant women, and women living with disabilities, advocacy groups, as well as the federation of local government equal opportunities officers – have come together and formulated joint political demands for OBR for Justice in Germany.

Activists are preparing RISINGs across the country with dance flashmobs, marches, V-Day performances and other forms of creative actions. They are writing songs, poems and blog articles, they are creating video messages and amazing art work to advertise their events. They share their vision of justice, bake rising finger cookies, and invite all activists around the world to connect through a shared 15 minute guided visualisation of a world free from violence against women and girls.

In many cities, women’s and other organisations have come together and organise RISINGs, and mayors and other senior politicians and celebrities have confirmed their support and participation. The organisers of the Berlin Flashmob, who will be joined by the Berlin state Senator for women, social affairs and integration, Dilek Kolat, led an OBR dance session with “Break the Chain” at the annual meeting of 350 German cities’ equal opportunities officers in January.

The Federal Minister for Family, Older People, Women and Youth, Manuela Schwesig, and the Federal Minister for Justice and Consumer Protection, Heiko Maas, will be joining One Billion Rising for Justice. The German women’s magazine Brigitte, which has been covering OBR since 2013, is planning live online coverage of RISINGs around the globe on 14 February 2014.

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