Join Us: Imagination by Edda Lorna

Published: 5 February 2014

Join us to a world wide imagination – Feb 14 2014 from 4.45 pm – 5.00 pm! Or take your time when it is possible for you.

Imagination by Edda Lorna – North Germany / Bremen

Imagine a world without violence against women and girls!

We invite you to celebrate 15 minutes with us for a world in which women and girls are appreciated, respected and obtain justice. We are a group of women, living in Bremen, Northern Germany. We are organising an event in the context of “One Billion Rising”.

On Valentine’s Day 2014 thousands of people are expected to meet at the market place of Bremen. After dancing together we are going to meditate with people from all over the world from 4.45 pm – 5.00 pm (European time zone) 15 minutes we will imagine a world in which women and girls are respected and appreciated.15 minutes we will envision a world in which women and girls can determine their lives on their own. We like to invite all the people of the world to visualize with us the end of violence behaviour against women and girls and to obtain justice. If the people come together this change is possible. The method of visualization is a very powerful one, which is used in sports and psychology to reach goals. Brain research found out that visualization optimize certain life settings. If a person is in a difficult or desperate situation the body releases special hormones while imagine better circumstances. These hormones give us power to start the changing. If thousands of people visualize the same thought at the same time no matter where they, the results are even better and more powerful. With this visualization you get a tool that could give you the power and courage to change your life. And if you repeat it you can deepen your experience in changes. How ever you like,  you can visualize it on your own, with friends and/or colleagues.

Wherever you are on Valentine’s Day at that time just find a place where you can join us for these 15 minutes, please check your time zone. For example: Vancouver 7.45 am – 8.00 am, New York: 10.45 am –11.00 am, Buenos Aires: 12.45 pm – 1.00 pm, Kiew 5.45 pm – 6.00 pm, Kabul 2.45 –9.00 pm. If you want to take part in this initiative please send a message to [email protected] so we will know that you will join us.

Thank you all!

Dear friends, this meditation is dedicated to all women around the world.  And to all men thank you for your support. All our appreciation goes out to those who stand up for women and girls. You are wonderful. Thank you. Now its time to obtain justice, be respected and acknowledgement towards women and girls all around the world and to keep the own dignity.

Instruction for the visualization

Please make sure you don’t get disturbed in the next 15 minutes.

Relax and close your eyes. Breath normaly. Slowly in and out. Your body will release any kind of tension and you get calm. Really calm with a pleasant feeling inside. Just let the visualization take place. Don’t pressure yourself to imagine anything straight away. Even the words themselves will have a strengthening impact on your subconscious. Trust in the positive power of those words and get deeper into relaxation. Now its time to remember the women, who gave und give you power in your live? In which way are women supporting you right know and have they been supporting you in the past. Was is it your mother? Your grandmother? Your Sister? Aunt? A female teacher, colleague or very good friend? In which way did these women give you power? Please imagine now how women and girls get appreciated. How one tells them words of acknowledgement like: You are very precious. It is impressive to feel your strength. I appreciate your sensitivity and your willpower. It is very touching to see how you think and understand. It is admirable how you pursue your targets. Your warmness opens doors. You are a precious woman. Wonderful and a value to the world.

Please take the words in…

Now is the time to heal wounds. Pain can be transformed. Together we go through it. Many people aim for a better world. Go with them in their support. How would the world be if women and girls get appreciation? How would they posture be? Imagine how they walk with a straight back. How would their voice sound like? Imagine how every woman would speak confidently. Feel the power that develops when every woman and  every girl know their own value and strength. Feel the power in your own body. You are unique and precious too. Feel it and smile at yourself deep down inside.

Imagine how this precious female power nourishes women and children all over the world. Women and men are equal. Men are sensitive and take over responsibility for a dignified life. Women and men live together in love and peace. Millions of people follow these thought worldwide. They will gathering on V- day. They all stand for the chance to change the world in a place of more appreciation and respect and justice for women and girls. This strong visualization will flow like a tidal wave around the world. Right now these wonderful changes towards the female power will start – world wide. Please preserve this moment of global connection and keep up this deep knowledge about women’s and girl’s appreciation. Before you Stop now this visualization please feel your whole body. And know you are precious and wonderful.

Imagine you are back home and you will remember this powerful moment and that you are still connectes to this community power. While you get back to reality now all the thoughts will work still inside you. Please take your time to come back. Your thoughts will merge into the now. Now its time to value yourself and esteem others. It is the time to obtain justice, be respected and acknowledgement towards women and girls all around the world and to keep the own dignity. You slowly come back to every days life with the conscious that you are a wonderful person. Stretch and move your body. You are wide awake now, relaxed and full of self esteem. Please open your eyes slowly.

Thank you!