Congratulations Célia Xakriabá and Sônia Guajajara on your historic election to the Brazil National Congress marking a new moment in Brazilian politics with greater representation of Indigenous peoples and the possibility of establishing new milestones for the culture of formulation of policies that dictate the course of the country. Célia and Sônia are Indigenous women of ANMIGA – The National Articulation of Indigenous Women Ancestrality Warriors (who come from all biomes across Brazil). They have deep knowledge about their lands and have preserved their ancestral traditions. They are united in their struggle to guarantee the rights and lives of the indigenous people of the Amazon. This is a monumental win, bringing women to the forefront of the fight against anti-Indigenous politics in Brazil.

“Célia Xakriabá was elected in Minas Gerais for Federal Deputy with 97,297 votes, and Sônia Guajajara was elected in São Paulo for Federal Deputy with 155,521 votes! These victories came with the blessing and strength of our enchanted ones! Let’s village up the National Congress and paint Brasilia with annatto and genipap! We are village politics! The future is indigenous!” – ANMIGA

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