The video to MUJER VALIENTE, the Spanish language translation of “Like a Woman” by singer songwriter Ryan Amador performed by Kike Jiménez (finalist on The Voice Mexico) and Sean O’Connell (Singer/Songwriter and translator of Mujer Valiente and Spanish Language version of Break The Chain), has been released today! Produced by One Billion Rising Mexico global coordinator Andrés Naime and featuring testimonies about the women in their lives by comedian Manu NNa, playwright Victor Barba, personal trainer Cisse Occean Andoeza, actor Andrés Durán, chef Andrés De León, activist Quique Galdeano, artist and activist Thomas Fléchel, politician Alejandro Orozco, and Andrés Naime.

“Mujer Valiente/Like a Woman” are part of V-Day’s initiative to create provocative art pieces that inspire people to act.

“Many of us young people believe there’s no such thing as misogyny or gender-based violence anymore, when really it’s as strong as ever. Every day there are new cases of missing women, many sold, murdered, or victims of violence at home. It is so important that we create consciousness and awareness that these are real and actual problems that cannot be ignored. It’s an honor to be a voice for this amazing cause.” – Kike Jiménez, singer of “Mujer Valiente.”

We invite men everywhere to join the campaign, upload your own “Like a Woman” and “Mujer Valiente” tributes, reflecting your appreciation for the women in your life while also considering what it means to be a man in a world where one in three women are directly affected by sexual violence.


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