Dear passionate OBR Risers,

As we all hear, read and are inundated with the visuals of risings, we know that this is a defining moment for the country and for all of us as citizens.

The widespread protest against CAA and NRC has become an integral part of the ONE BILLION RISING (OBR). OBR has joined hands with many networks, like all other networks, organizations, universities, colleges and school students and also individuals. OBR has a historical commitment to build a world free of violence against girls and women and all other marginalised communities. While we continue our commitment to eliminate violence against girls and women, this year, within the present charges political environment with protest throughout the country, the OBR events must respond and engage as citizens and join hands wherever we are located.

We stand in solidarity with the protests spreading across India. We are committed to be integral to the peaceful protesters led by students of Jamia Millia University and joined by several universities, colleges, even schools and also the civil society protesters taking to the streets. on the other the Shaheen Bagh in Delhi has become an iconic protest site, especially, for women as they are rising in many other cities.  We stand with all communities in resistance, against state violence and oppression and amidst a rising tide of nationalism, staggering economic crisis, attacks on academic autonomy, violation of basic human rights and a repressive regime. Citizens who were ensured the right to vote are being delegitimized as non-citizens and are on the verge of being expelled from the country.

what is most exciting is that women are leading the protests in hundreds of places, in big and small towns, in parks and roadsides…

We are watching various global OBR risings. We salute and get inspired with their risings.  

Even within the student’s movements, the participation of women students is fierce and fearless. The civil society protests, street protests and participation is constantly swelling. Muslim women and young girls are getting radicalised, may be for the first time in the country as their citizenship rights are at stake along with Dalits, single women, nomadic communities, homeless, the poorest of the poor, among others.

It is inspiring that this national protest has no single leader. The state and the non-state actors have leashed out unprecedented brutality and terror, arresting peaceful protesters, using sticks and guns, snatching their phones and belongings, taking away tents and mattresses, but all citizens, predominantly students and women stand firm in their resolve and nothing can deter them.

The creativity of the protesters have taken the nation with surprise, the posters and banners, graffiti on the roads, poetry, songs, plays and films in multiple languages. The azadi slogan and song on azadi has become the national anthem of all protests.

Hum Kagaz Nahi Dikhayeng” (We Will not Show The Papers).

Michelle Bachelet, the then UN Women Executive Director at the 39th Annual Commencement 2011 of LaGuardia Community College during 23 September 2011 declared that “The 21st Century will be the century of girls and women”. Let’s turn the tide against patriarchal supremacy, pseudo nationalism and extremist right wing oppressive industry.

I know all of you are watching with fear and hope and hopefully getting inspired.

This is to ascertain whether you are planning any OBR event, kindly share the details with us at the earliest.

With this newsletter we are all sending a call for a nation wide OBR women’s march on 14 February 2020.

With unbridled solidarity
Abha Bhaiya
OBR National Coordinator
Namita Chauhan
OBR Assistant Coordinator