Dearest Activists, Friends & Supporters,

2019 was a powerful year in our movement that saw grassroots activists pushing boundaries and engaging in dialogue through an intersectional lens, with art and activism always at the forefront.

V-Day, One Billion Rising, and City of Joy activists around the world escalated the urgency to fight for gender, climate, economic and racial justice while tirelessly working to end harassment, rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation and sex slavery. Activists are Rising against a rising tide of right-wing nationalism, white supremacy, fascism, tyranny, hatred of and fear of immigrants, misogyny, femicide, homophobia, transphobia, corporate greed, and climate destruction.

Your friendship, activism, and support has powered an unstoppable movement supporting grassroots anti-violence organizations and activists, opening safe houses, and sustaining domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers. It is also bringing about legislation supporting women and girls. Active in over 200 countries, having raised $120 million, V-Day is a global phenomenon.

V-Day Thailand; Youth Rising India

In 2019: Eve’s latest work, The Apology, a best seller, sparked a necessary dialogue on sexual assault, accountability, and transformation. It has engaged media across the globe and sparked a great deal of dialogue about what the anatomy of a true apology is. In the new year, its reach will grow as it’s released in France, Germany, Brazil, Taiwan, and in Arabic. We created three new songs for the movement this year. “Dismantle,” by Duo Charity Croff And Jacob Denzel Of Archduke (Featuring Taylor Iman And Jenee Jones) invited Men – and everyone – to dismantle the patriarchy. On International Women’s Day, we released “Like a Woman” by Ryan Amador (produced by Hannah Rubinstein, a music video directed by Sekou Luke) calling men to recognize and celebrate women’s leadership, and to join the movement to end gender-based violence. And just this month, we released “We Are Rising” by Taina Asili – a liberation anthem – calling us to RISE against tides of violence against women, climate crisis, racism, and corporate greed. Thousands of One Billion Rising actions and V-Day benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues and A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer amplified the epidemic of global sexual abuse and efforts to end it across the globe. At City of Joy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the 16th class has just graduated, turning their pain into power that will surely spark change on the grassroots level. In Kabul, women at the City of Knowledge are breaking barriers as they educate themselves to create better futures for themselves, and in turn their families. Through all of these campaigns and actions, men are grappling with patriarchy, engaging in dialogue that once seemed impossible.

City of Joy 16th Graduation; Eve at TEDWomen 2019

Support #VDay, the global activist movement to end violence against all women and girls (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender based violence).

As we move into 2020 and enter a new decade, we are filled with gratitude for all that you have given and all that you do.

We stand together in solidarity, ready to Raise the Vibration through Action, Art, Connection, Imagination and Love.

With V-love,

Eve, Susan, Christine, Monique, Purva, Tony, Carl, Kristina, Roslyn, Leila, Swetha & Anju

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