By Monique Wilson

Men Rising! Coca Cola factory workers in Davao City join One Billion Rising 2018: Rising in Solidarity to end violence against women and girls. Alongside women workers in the country and in many parts around the world, they are contractual and have no job security or benefits and can be let go anytime. They gave up one day of working (when they are only forced into 3 working days a week) to dance #onebillionrising and lend their voices to the campaign as V Men and allies! One working day amounts to P340 pesos (or less than US$7) per day. That is a big amount to give up when they have families. So I so deeply appreciate their time, their commitment to OBR, their dancing and rising in solidarity. It was an honor to spend time with them, dance with them and hear their stories. And inspired by these men who are Rising for women and girls! We Rise with them against contractualization, and against imperialist systems that benefit multi national companies that exploit the poor. All in the name of profit. We Rise for and with Workers in the Philippines and around the globe!
Join them and other Davao Risers from different sectors on February 14th, global OBR day, at Rizal Park!