(Asian Women at Work Inc are One Billion Rising Sydney organizers – and have held OBR events to highlight workers issues and rights of women workers in Australia)
Asian Women at Work Inc joined the 2017 May Day parade (with drums a-thumping) to affirm the importance of community and union partnership in fighting for workers’ – especially women and migrants – rights in Australia.
May Day was also celebrated as a family day with rides, sausage sizzle, music and all! Afterall, the victories and gains of the trade union movement were realised from the sacrifices of valiant workers, their families and communities.
It was a wonderful day – blue skies, great speeches, lots of selfies and “groufies”, a reunion of comrades, activists and friends!
But the reality is, profit and power over people is what the Turnbull government cares about. It is not interested to decisively address gender gap pay, wage theft, unsafe work conditions, harassment, assault and abuse. This government favours the rich over the vulnerable. This government willfully destroys workers’ solidarity and breaks community spirit.
The attack on workers is relentless but as the history of May Day teaches us, we must fight back. We must fight against inequality and oppression. We must fight for workplace rights. We must fight for the right to live and work with dignity!
Workers Rising in Australia!
Rise In Solidarity Against The Exploitation of Women!