Justice 4 Domestic Workers (J4DW) are long time One Billion Rising organizers in the UK – having organized Rising events since 2013 and V-Day productions of “The Vagina Monologues”. Last May 1st, they marched on the streets of London to Rise for the end of human trafficking, modern day slavery in the UK and bonded labor,  as well as for the right of domestic workers to change employers in the UK. They also marched to Rise for the protection of all rights of domestic workers, which includes the recognition of domestic work as work, and the right to safety in the workplace.

Justice 4 Domestic Workers is a self-help grass-roots organisation made up of multi-national migrant Domestic Workers in the UK established on March 15, 2009. The group empowers migrant domestic workers to stand up and voice their opposition to any discrimination, inequality, slavery and all forms of abuse.

J4DW campaigns for domestic workers’ rights to be recognised under the UK employment law. They are currently campaigning and lobbying on immigration law reform and Modern Slavery Bill to restore the Overseas Domestic Worker Visa. More broadly they wish to raise awareness for their campaigns and to build greater respect for the domestic work they undertake, and to improve their living and work conditions throughout private households in the UK.

J4DW is built on community organizing, educating domestic workers on their rights, as well as mobilizing workers and their allies and building links with all those who support them.

Domestic Workers in the UK Rising!

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