“Rozan and Insan Foundation organised a day long programme today in the new Rozan building in Islamabad. In the first half we had a reunion of Sangat Sangat month long course alumna. About 15 of them came from different parts of Pakistan. Kosar Bano honoured me with a traditional cap which she said is offered to someone you like and respect. In the second half of the day  attended by students and NGO activists, we paid our tributes to Nigar Ahmad, celebrated and discussed One Billion Rising and had a discussion on gender, patriarchy and Feminism. We ended with all of us singing together.

Pakistan pays tributes to and celebrates the life and contributions of feminist, economist, CSO leader, Pakistani and South Asian ,friend and comrade Nigar Ahmad.” by Kamla Bhasin, OBR South Asia Regional Coordinator

Kamla was also invited by the Awami Workers Party in Rawalpindi to speak on Feminism and Left Parties on the occasion of their International Women’s Day celebration.

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