Tambourine Warriors March in Support of Survivors: Survivor Empowerment March Against Sexual Violence

On March 11, 2017 the Tambourine Army hosted Jamaica’s first Survivor Empowerment March, organized and participated in by One Billion Rising Jamaica organizers and activists. 

The aim of the march was to show survivors that they have a community that stands with them, while letting perpetrators know that their days are numbered.

Along the route there were four stops that allowed women who are survivors of violence to speak their stories of survival and triumph.  The women were supported in their stories by a spirit-centred drumming group and empowering and uplifting music from Tanya Stephens, Keisha Fimm and Etana.  At the rally in Half Way Tree, the Tambourine Army presented their 20-Point Action Plan for Change to end sexual violence and violence against women and girls.

The march is survivor-centred and challenges pervasive societal norms of victim shaming, silencing and blaming, and asks that as a nation we make it easy for women and girls who have been victims of violence to name their perpetrator, navigate an almost impenetrable legal system, and demand their own fair share of justice.

Marches also took place in five other Caribbean states: Barbados, the Bahamas, Dominica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago. The march is in solidarity with the Caribbean-wide #LifeinLeggings movement and supported by FIWI Jamaica, I’m Glad I’m A Girl Foundation, IGDS, JMMB, IrieFM, UN Women, PRIDE JA Magazine, Island Grill, Eve for Life, CVMTV, Jamaica Teas, Equality for All Foundation Jamaica, Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, 360 Artists and WE-Change.

Photos courtesy of Pride Jam Magazine

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