Hosted by the Guardian as part of One Billion Rising and International Women’s Day

As female MPs get barked at while expressing themselves in a parliamentary debate and face constant criticism on their appearance rather than policies, the state of women’s rights and the fight for equality seems to have regressed in recent times. Research has shown that the Conservative austerity – cuts to social security, public sector and legal aid – may be widening gender inequality, while legal abortions still remain limited in Northern Ireland and face a potential clampdown in Trump’s America. 

International Women’s Day may not be a time for celebration, but a time to get organised and fight back. But what is the best form of resistance? Is a feminist network enough? Or should women unite with other minorities in the fight for equality? 

Joining Guardian columnist Zoe Williams for an inclusive discussion on what can be learned from protest movements globally and practical steps to bring about change was a panel that included Rada Boric, regional campaign coordinator of the One Billion Rising Revolution, Anushka Asthana, the Guardian’s joint political editor, Labour MP Stella Creasy and Deborah Frances-White, comedian, writer and host of The Guilty Feminist podcast. London Rising on International Women’s Day.