Published: 16 November 2016

Kolkata Rista, a transgender community based organization, held a One Billion Rising event in preparation for OBR 2017, on November 6th at Orient Fan Gali More, Kadapara, Kolkata India.

Joining Kolkata Rista were worldwide participants from various feminist organizations, community based organizations, LGBTQHIAP organizations, youth organizations, child rights organizations, mahila mandals, trade unions, and more to STAND AGAINST GENDER BASED VIOLENCE.

“As a transgender community based organization we have worked towards women empowerment and gender equality for over a decade.  We are standing in solidarity to end all sorts of exploitation of women.

Kolkata Rista


Kolkata Rista is a Community Based Organization (CBO) which was established in 2003, and registered in 2004, under Society Act 1961.

Kolkata Rista provides information and service to the Gender and Sexual Minority, Transgender/Hijra and the MSM (men having sex with men)community people. Kolkata Rista helps improve the health conditions of the people who are infected and affected by HIV. It helps to build capacity, empower the community people and provides knowledge on Human Rights and livelihood.

The motive of Kolkata Rista is to reverse and eliminate HIV/AIDS within the society and among the vulnerable communities, through regular health campaigns, supportive services, and by providing information about STI,STDs, HIV/AIDS.

Our overall approach is usually direct and face to face interaction. We work for poor, illiterate “Kothi”s. At times, our peer educators, coordinators and supervisors arrange for drop-in sessions in and around their work places. Our beneficiaries take out some time from their work and pop in at our drop-in-centers where our staff provides condom demonstration education and safer sex behaviors. Once a month, we organize health-clinics and counseling sessions at our drop in centers, where our beneficiaries come for thorough health checkups.

Thus, we come in direct contact with beneficiaries affected and infected in sexually transmitted diseases. On “World AIDS Day”, every year, we organize programmes like rallies, indoor-cultural events and stalls, through which we aim to generate HIV/AIDS awareness among the beneficiaries. 

Kolkata Rasta’s Mission:

Energize, involve and enable the LGBTQHIA community to realize their potential of practicing safe sexual behaviour and lead better lives and to end homophobia and work for the LGBTQHIA rights.

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