OBR Hong Kong Launches 2017 Campaign

Published: 16 November 2016


OBR Hong Kong – made up of international migrant and domestic worker groups – launched as part of Gabriela HK’s 8th anniversary. Migrant and domestic workers in HK have been rising every year since 2013. The launch included a dance competition participated in by various migrant and domestic worker groups where they danced all the international versions and their own original versions of “Break The Chain” and the Philippine OBR Revolution dance – “Bangon Na Sa Rebolusyon”.

The migrant and domestic worker groups in HK from countries all over South and Southeast Asia are Rising for an end to Poverty/ Exclusion/Forced Migration/Slavery and Injustice

They are also Rising for:

Wage Increase

Food Allowance

Regulated Work Hours

Workers Safety at Work

No Forced Live-In With Employers

and for

States to Prioritize the Rights of Migrants and Refugees Over Remittances


And Rising for SOCIAL CHANGE!