The president of Croatia joined the City Mayor and over 1,000 activists in Flower Square at Zagreb’s center for One Billion Rising for Revolution. Drummers, and a cello and violin player opened the event, which was focusing its efforts on demands to ratify the Istanbul Convention: a measure to ban violence against women and support survivors of violence. The Convention would introduce new measures to promote gender sensitive education and gender equality policies, and finance shelters, hotlines, and compensations for traumas. 15 notable men, including actors, journalists, musicians, and activists, joined countless women in Flower Square to add their voices to this revolution. Between the speeches, the people of Zagreb danced to live music and performed the “Break the Chain” flash mob. Outside of Zagreb, people are rising today in 10 other cities of Croatia; in Osijek, the Regional Police Department co-organized the rising, and in Koprivnica the whole high school danced and protested.