One Billion Rising Fund

Published: 5 March 2014

5 March 2014

OBR Fund for Panzi Hospital

V-Day thanks the generous donors who supported the OBR Fund for Panzi Hospital, a key partner working with us on the ground in Bukavu. Your support allowed us to see them through a time of great need.

The fund created in Bukavu in early 2013 raised a total of $421,000. To date, $191,000 has been used for medicine and $136,140 for medical interventions for a total of $327,140 spent from the fund. $93,860 remains in the fund.

Emergency funds were used to purchase critically needed medicines, under the direction of Dr. Mukwege and his team, as well as additional supplies. Funds also supported a number of life-saving procedures and medical interventions: 148 surgeries; 115 internal medicine needs; 94 gynecological needs; and 69 pediatric needs. While some of these interventions were performed on the same patient due to chronic illness, the rest were for intensive care and emergency needs.

The V-Day team is in Bukavu and meeting with Panzi Hospital about the use of the remaining funds. Doctors from Mayo Clinic are currently at Panzi Hospital thanks to the support of the 11th Hour Project and they have identified a patient in need of immediate radiation treatment. A small portion of the funds (approximately $5k) will be used for her care.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

With gratitude,
Susan Celia Swan
Executive Director, V-Day