President of the Croatian Republic Ivo Josipović joined again global campaign “Milijarda ustaje” (One Bilion Rising),called by the number of violated women in the world with the goal to show commitment and solidarity in struggle against violence and its devastating consequences.

OBR in croatia was organised by women’s groups  (Centar za ženske studije iz Zagreba, CESI, RODA – roditelji u akciji, Zajednica saveza osoba s invaliditetom Hrvatske, Udruga Kamensko i Ženska soba) together with many prominent persons from cultural and political life. President Josipović stated that the campaign was excellent because it points to the burning problem -violence against women and girl.
“Violence against women and girls is such a problem that we can not turn our eyes away “, siad president Josipović and expressed his satisfaction that croatia , together with the world said NO to violence and he called upon institutions in charge  to take all necessary steps to prevent violence, but those who commit violence to be fast, efective and strongly punished.
O tolerance to violence demanded Mayor of the City of Zagreb mr Bandić.
Coordinator of the action Rada Borić from the Centre for Women’s Studies said that the campaign was held in more then  200 countries and stressed the importance to be a part of the huge family which recognized that there is no justice if one of 3 women in her life had to survive violence.
“This is one billion women, and all women have the right to live their creative potentials instead surviving violence “, claimed Borić.