Hi Risers,

The One Billion Rising Africa for Justice Celebration was wonderful on the 14th February 2014 in Koidu City, Kono District, Sierra Leone.

Parents were so excited over the event as they were so much concern with the too much rape cases and violence against women and girls in our country. Many decided to turn-up to say their mind to the country and the world at large to stop this cruel act to women and young girls. We went on the media to spread the news of One Billion Rising for Justice to tell the whole community what really we focus on. There were so many telephone responds and comments that the community people are so happy about the initiatives and they are proud of me to bring this wonderful program to stop violence women and girls. The print media will also soon publish news papers by next week on this year’s celebration of the One Billion Rising Africa For Justice.

The streets of Koidu City were crowded on the 14th February 2014 with a lot of celebrants including our local authorities, the police security and a large number of youth. And the whole program was climax by singing, dancing and drama to tell the community people about the focus and effect of the One Billion Rising Africa for Justice. It was a lot of fun with women and young girls on the street with a slogan “STOP THE RAPING”, “VIOLENCE MUST STOP AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS IN OUR COMMUNITY”.


Kadiatu Kondeh

From Sierra Leone



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