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In the News: One Billion Rising By Kirstin Thompson

24 November 2014 > V-Day


Read the original article available online at Drift Surfing  also available in print from Salty at Heart  The photos in this piece were taken on a beautiful summer day on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. A bunch of compassionate surfers paddled out together to stand up to violence against women and bring…

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One Billion Rising Bangladesh honors the victims of the Tazreen Fire by Kushi Kabir, OBR Coordinator – Bangladesh

22 November 2014 > V-Day

Bang Fire 7

On the occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of the Tazreen Fire, in memory of those who were killed, who were severely injured and ill, to ask for punishment to the owner and those responsible, One Billion Rising for Revolution Bangladesh 2015, gathered at Shahbagh on Friday, November 21. There was…

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One Billion Rising Guatemala Takes to the Airwaves Ahead of Launch

20 November 2014 > V-Day


This just in from OBR Guatemala Coordinator Marsha Pamela: OBR Guatemala will launch on Tuesday, November 25, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against women, which is also the first day of the global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. In advance of the launch, Marsha…

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Bay Area Rising presents Evolution: Drum! Dance! Rise! on Saturday Feb. 14 in Oakland

18 November 2014 > V-Day


Every day we hear about the horrors of gender violence across the globe and here at home. We all feel, at times, scared, outraged, helpless, and utterly devoid of hope… At Bay Area Rising, we know these feelings. We also know that people are doing amazing things to stop the…

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The Ragdoll Project by Ebony Williams

18 November 2014 > V-Day

Ebony Blog 1

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and have struggled with PTSD for many years and have not only been in therapy but also prescribed medication to manage symptoms such as severe anxiety, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts. While earning an MFA in writing, I began writing, How to Build A…

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17 November 2014 > V-Day


Sharing the latest pictures of our first morning Rising since our two big events. We had women and men from the grassroots communities come together in recognition of a togetherness of our WOMEN OF GUYANA. Somehow barriers were dropped and there were no color, no religion, no race, no discrimination…

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Youth Rising in Swaziland: Girls will lead when aware of their rights By Colani Hlatjwako

17 November 2014 > V-Day

Swazi Youth 5

On the 15th of November 2014, we visited a girls club at Emhlangeni with Swaziland Women in Action members, a women’s movement that was formed in October 2013. The members Gugu Malindzisa and Nomsa Motsa with the Swaziland OBR Coordinator Colani Hlatjwako visited the girls club. The purpose was to sensitize…

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In the News: UP Min joins One Billion Rising Revolution by Evan Michael Clerigo

17 November 2014 > V-Day

UP Mindanao students dance with actress and activist Monique Wilson to support One Billion Rising Revolution, a global call to end violence against women | contributed photo by Marga Mangao.

UP Mindanao students dance with actress and activist Monique Wilson to support One Billion Rising Revolution, a global call to end violence against women | contributed photo by Marga Mangao. Read the original article, available online at MINTAL, Davao City — University of the Philippines Mindanao (UP Min) students joined…

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Men Rising In Taiwan!

6 November 2014 > V-Day

Taiwan vmen 2

Taiwan V-MEN Charity Run is coming on 11/22 Garden of Hope Foundation in Taiwan’s annual event V-Men is coming again on the 22nd  of November, 2014. Come with your family, friends and children to join the fun and empowering event to stop violence against women, and raise money for women…

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Guyana’s Revolutionary Transformation: Ignite the Fire Within

29 October 2014 > V-Day

Guyana Pro 17

ONE BILLION RISING REVOLUTION LAUNCHES IN GUYANA SEPTEMBER 28 & 29th Eve Ensler traveled to Guyana, upon the invitation of OBR Caribbean, as part of her recent One Billion Rising tour to be part of the launch of OBR Guyana: “Guyana’s Revolutionary Transformation: Ignite the Fire Within”. The two day…

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