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On March 8: Massive Women’s Rally at Department of Labor in DC #WOMENWORKERSRISING

Published: 22 February 2017 > V-Day > USA


MEDIA ALERT FOR MARCH 8, 2017 Contacts: CJ Frogozo, cj(a), 310 570 2622 Tim Rusch, ruschtk(a), 917 399 0236 On March 8: Massive Women’s Rally at Department of Labor in DC #WOMENWORKERSRISING: A RALLY WITH WOMEN WORKERS ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY TO END WORKPLACE VIOLENCE AND HARASSMENT AND PROMOTE PAY…

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#RiseInSolidarity: Aoisora RISING in Tokyo by Chika & Translated by Shu-Yi

Published: 22 February 2017 > V-Day


Aoisora, a non-profit organization from Japan, together with Toshima International City of Arts and Culture, launched the 2017 One Billion Rising campaign by dancing the song “Break the Chain” on February 14th. It is the fourth year for Aoisora has host the campaign. Before the official OBR campaign, on January…

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#RiseInSolidarity: Photo Blog from One Billion Rising Mexico

Published: 21 February 2017 > V-Day


The following recap and photos were provided by OBR Global Coordinator for Mexico, Andres Naime: Zero tolerance towards exploitation is required to build a new world. To denounce inequality, marginalization and discrimination that make the exploitation of women possible. OBR Mexico is working to end the sale of human beings by building an authentic…

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RISING Report from Promoting Women Capabilities by Education in Afghanistan (PWCE)

Published: 21 February 2017 > V-Day > Afghanistan


Following is an update from a grassroots activist at Promoting Women Capabilities by Education in Afghanistan about their revolutionary educational center. LEARN more about the center’s program, VIEW a recent photo blog, and READ about their 2016 Rise for Revolution event: Another academic year at our education center in Kabul, Afghanistan has successfully…

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#RiseInSolidarity: Rising at Mansoura University

Published: 20 February 2017 > V-Day

Mansoura University 2017.4

The Women’s Empowerment Committee (لجنة تمكين الفتيات بجامعة المنصورة)at Mansoura University, a public university in Egypt located in Delta Region, has organized a One Billion Rising event on Feb 14 to condemn violence practiced against women especially sexual harassment which is one of the most awful phenomenon spread all over…

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#RiseInSolidarity Photo Blog: The Philippines Rise for Jobs, Land, Justice and Peace!

Published: 17 February 2017 > V-Day

Pinoy Weekly

Across the Philippines RISINGS are taking place, with a peak of events happening on the OBR Global Day of Action, 14 Feb. Events will continue through March 8, International Women’s Day. Although each event, in each community, city, rural area focused on local issues the overall call to action across…

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#RiseInSolidarity: Rising in Nepal

Published: 17 February 2017 > V-Day


OBR activists in Nepal hosted a panel discussion titled “Are Women Not Empowered:  An Intergenerational Experience”,  then an OBR march against violence against women where approximately 1000 activists marched, and finally a flashmob dancing the signature OBR dance!    Additionally they held rallies in two places, and flashmob dance in four places…

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#RiseinSolidarity: The Woman Within – Celebration with the Transgender Community

Published: 17 February 2017 > V-Day


The following RISING report was written by OBR activist Sudarshana Chakraborty: It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s the day of Rising! Just as love is not for only a day, so also is Rising. It’s all about the celebration. One Billion Rising is a worldwide movement to protest against gender based violence….

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#RiseInSolidarity: Activists in Zagreb RISE in solidarity against police violence in the LGTBQ community

Published: 17 February 2017 > V-Day

OBR_LGBT protest[1]

OBR activists joined a local protest For Love, against violence and hatred – organised by Zagreb pride in support to lesbians and gays attacked by tear gas in club two days prior.

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RISE 2017; Share your Footage, Share Your Story

Published: 16 February 2017 > V-Day


Share Your #RiseInSolidarity Photos, Videos & Footage > Watch The New York Times Recap Video > Share Your Story of the Movement > RISINGS will continue through 8 March, Attend/Plan a Rising >

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