V-Day’s legacy on college campuses has contributed to what is now a widespread dialogue about reforming sexual assault policies on college campuses. For 15 years activists have highlighted violence against women and girls, in all its forms, in communities around the world. Now, as part of the escalation of One Billion Rising [for Justice], 2014-2015 could be the most important year yet for making campus safety a reality, and we don’t have a minute to lose!

In the United States, statistics show that the first weeks back on campus are the most dangerous for women. While the White House task force has responded with a series of strong recommendations and Senators MacCaskill & Gillibrand are working on new legislation, this Fall is the time for YOU to be a part of the solution! Host a #CampusRising action along with schools around the country!

Our Campus Rising Toolkit is filled with information and resources to help you join this student-driven movement to revamp sexual assault policy on college campuses. Together, we can end the prevalence of on-campus sexual assault and date-rape, as well as administrations’ failure to properly prevent or adequately respond to the needs of college survivors.

Rise against violence at YOUR College this fall, and devote your school year to bringing about tangible change on your campus!