Download the official OBR4J toolkit! (last updated 31 January 2014)

To unzip the file, you can use free programs like 7-Zip (Windows) and StuffIt Expander (Mac)




  • Gather your team to help plan the event.
  • Choose your strike location and a start time.
  • Choose your music. Here are some ideas.
  • Decide how you want to rise. Here are some examples.
  • Make signs, posters, and any other decorations.


  • It is 14 February 2014. Leave your work, leave your school, interrupt the day, rise for justice, dance, and demand an end to the violence!
  • Make 14 February 2014 a “day of action” by organizing your friends or colleagues to volunteer at local women’s shelters or service centers – promote your plan on the OBR4J Facebook Page and across your own social networks.
  • Check out our Ways to Rise section for more ideas!