Stop Kavanaugh: Survivors Speaking Their Truth, Standing Up to Power; Take Action

Published: 2 October 2018 > USA

Following Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s courageous testimony, survivors and activists within the United States and around the world have expressed how powerful her statement was and many survivors found familiarity in her experiences. The hearings were also a stark reminder of the systemic injustices targeting women and marginalized communities in…

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Rise to End Sexual Abuse of Women & Children in US Detention: Families Belong Together

Published: 3 August 2018 > USA

As stories continue to break about the sexual abuse of women and children in detention centers around the United States, V-Day and One Billion Rising stand in solidarity with the survivors, individuals who have already suffered so much in the current immigration crisis fueled by the Trump administration’s heartless policies…

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RISE UP, RISING RESISTANCE THIS WEEK; Join #FamiliesBelongTogether Actions Tomorrow

Published: 29 June 2018 > USA

#WomenDisobey In DC Today, Escalating the Resistance, Over 630 Arrested Over 2500 women including Eve Ensler, Rosa Clemente, V-Day Programs Director Purva Panday Cullman, Photojournalist Paula Allen, V-Day Board Member Katherine McFate traveled to DC for #WomenDisobey in response to demand an end to the US administration’s zero-tolerance policy that automatically criminalizes…

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Calling All V-Day & OBR Activists – RISE in Solidarity at Families Belong Together Rallies on June 30!

Published: 19 June 2018 > USA

V-Day & One Billion Rising activists have performed, protested, danced on stages and in the streets around the world in solidarity and in protest; rising and demanding an end to the exploitation of women and girls. Together we have amplified the demands of the most marginalized – working class and…

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Celebrate V20 with Eve and Global Activists at Special Event + Window Installation at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC

Published: 6 February 2018 > USA

RSVP Required – Please sign up on EventBrite >   V20 Installation of Global Poster Art & Iconic Images For the month of February, ABC Carpet & Home’s flagship store at 888 Broadway in NYC will celebrate 20 years of V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against all women…

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V20 – the 20th Anniversary of The Vagina Monologues and V-Day – Celebrated with Window Displays Featuring Global Poster Art & Iconic Images at ABC Carpet and Home

Published: 2 February 2018 > USA

From 16 January through 28 February, ABC Carpet and Home’s flagship store at 888 Broadway (19th Street), NYC will celebrate 20 years of V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against all women and girls (cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming) that grew out of Tony award- winning playwright Eve…

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Update on Risings in the USA

Published: 8 January 2018 > USA

Risings across the US are utilizing art and activism to advocate for the rights of all women and girls. Here are a few highlights of US Risings. OBR NEW YORK “SHAKTI – THE FEMALE PRINCIPLE OF DIVINE ENERGY” December 10, 2017 A program to raise awareness on violence against women, through…

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Published: 5 September 2017 > USA

Breaking: Jeff Sessions officially announced today that the Trump administration has rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Unless Congress takes action, in just six short months, DACA recipients will be at risk for deportation. The Dream Act is legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth…

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Bay Area Activists – Rise with Us to End White Supremacy, Fascism and Patriarchy This Weekend

Published: 24 August 2017 > USA

This weekend, on Saturday, 26 August & Sunday, 27 August, White Supremacist groups are coming for planned rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley. One Billion Rising & V-Day activists are planning to march and rally in San Francisco on Saturday, 26 August, joining the growing coalition of individuals, organizations, and…

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RISE FOR WOMEN WORKERS: Tell Fox News and Bill O’Reilly that There’s No Place for Sexual Harassment and Verbal Abuse in the Workplace

Published: 4 April 2017 > USA

On the heels of a story in Saturday’s New York Times reporting that five women had reached settlements totaling $13 million for sexual harassment and verbal abuse claims against Bill O’Reilly, Fox News and its parent company 21st Century Fox are reeling.  As seen on CNN and the New York Times today Bill O’Reilly is…

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