Dear fans!

Today is Saint Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to those who are in love. Although we celebrate love every day, every minute, today we do it in a special way. We in Medveščak, together with millions around the world, have decided to use this day to speak about a problem that could be solved by celebrating love, together! Together with millions of our friends across the globe we promote, support, and are part of ONE BILLION RISING campaign. Although, due to the training camp in Bled, unfortunately we can’t join you at Zrinjevac today, we use this way to promote both values and the goals of this extremely important campaign.

It is a campaign that struggles to end violence against women and girls, a worldwide problematic issue no existing society is spared of.  The common characteristic of the violence against women throughout the world is that most often it happens behind the closed doors, which often leads to perpetrators not being punished. Women and girls, victims of violence, often feel ashamed because of what has happened to them and refuse to talk about the violent experiences they have suffered. This way they remain alone in their suffering even after their tragic experiences.

Both as a professional athlete and as a person, I feel responsibility to contribute to raising awareness about this issue. I believe that talking openly about it would encourage more and more women to come out with their stories, share them and become role models for other victims who experienced violence but are still ashamed or affraid to talk about it. Creating a world where victims of violence feel free to talk about their tragic experiences is not easy; but it’s possible!

That is why campaigns such as ONE BILLION RISING are important. They help us believe it and encourage us to act in that direction.

This is why I support ONE BILLION WOMEN RISING! This is why I support women in releasing their stories, speaking out for justice and demanding an end to violence! This is where we need your help. Let’s rise together and raise our voice aganst violence, support ONE BILLION RISING campaign, and celebrate love every day, every minute!

Join ONE BILLION RISING today at Zrinjevac, at 3pm!

Dear friends, thank you for your support.

Jonathan Cheechoo

STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN – Jonathan Cheechoo and Mark Dekanich video