The event started with emotional- intelligence mini- sessions, where individuals had to assess, identify, acknowledge and control their emotions (negative or violent) where it was necessary for them to do so. The aim was to let one be aware of his/ her emotions. Then we moved from the emotional state to the mental state. I introduced the topic and explained why I chose us to discuss decolonization of the mind and One Billion Rising for JUSTICE as the umbrella of the topic. I explained that decolonization of the mind was a journey where one faced the harmful effects of colonization, like self hatred and then began the journey to getting rid of self hatred and therefore hatred of other Africans.
Some where, some how I feel like we will reach the objective of self- awareness, self- acception and self- empowerment if we develop emotional intelligence and do the work of decolonization. This event was a blessing as it gave birth to other ideas that I will develop later and the events are still part of  Rising for JUSTICE because I believe that we have to rise everyday, every year, every second until the violence stops.
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