This segment will focus on an Amazing even that is about to transform the effects of violence against women, girls and young children and for us “united” on a global platform to begin to look at “How Justice” will play a part in this change process.

The visionary be hid this movement of V-Day and One Billion Rising, Eve Ensler “Activist and Author of the famous Vagina Monologues” has allowed women globally to open up about their “pain from abuse” in a way no one ever imagined. Eve, lifted and shifted this platform globally where many joined in 2013 to release and danced raising the awareness of violence against women, girls and children. I was so captivated and moved by what I saw that I too wanted to be a part of this global experience that “shocked” the world. It felt like a revolution had just started among our women. I wanted more people to know what was happening so after attending some of Eve’s events in NYC I wanted to see the Caribbean regions raise awareness to stronger heights in 2014.

I wanted to see more communities counted in this movement. I was then asked to be a part of the team and cover the caribbean region as a the caribbean global coordinator. I feel blessed as a united from as I am meeting some amazing, passionate and strong women along this journey and on this platform scheduled to launch around the world titled “One Billion Rising for Justice 2014.” It will showcase women, men, girls, and children from every part of the world.  

On February 14th 2014 we will rise with “One Love” with all of our sisters around the world . I embrace this experience with each of you.