Tunis,Tunisia- to celebrate their fundamental rights for a better treatement, far away from political and social misleading events. For the first time in Tunisia, Young Leaders Entrepreneurs, a recently founded organizaion of young activists, took the initiative to organize the day that joices justice for all the Tunisian women and to join the biggest movement of its kind around the world. This movement represents a solid yet fun recognition for their essential role as pillars of society. This same group of motivated young people believed in their strong potential and promising capacities that could and did present justice for women in a new concept. RISE, DANCE, STRIKE FOR JUSTICE Young Leaders Entrepreneurs engaged all the skillful and gifted society members who supported the same internatinal cause and turned it into a festive event on the 14th of February, at the heart of the capital city Tunis, Tunisia.
Dancing performances, musical numbers, graffiti, poetry, and all sorts of artists designed their best dedication to women’s life, power and value and created the One Billion Rising for all Tunisians to be inspired. Women of all ethnicities and backgrounds joined this event to rise and dance for their rights and to end violence against them. Thanks to Young Leaders Entrepreneurs, feminism in Tunisia has finally seen a more productive realization. It is through such initiatives that our civic society could reinforce its engagement with women empowerment, affording more equity as well as equality, and mainly to positively influence younger girls who still look for motivation to ignite the powerful superwomen inside of them.
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