Who we are

We are a group of concerned citizens who have chosen to raise our voices against the normalization of violence against women in our homes and on the streets. Hailing from diverse backgrounds such as dance, design, academia, film-making and development to name a few, we are collectively working towards making the Delhi Rising’s events and activities a resounding success and towards helping lay the foundations of positive social change of the kind that will last.

We’re inviting all of you in Delhi to join the global strike, dance, reclaim the streets, create a space for dialogue and engage with others like and unlike you!

A mass dance protest will be organized throughout the city encouraging people to occupy spaces in different parts and express themselves through dance

On February 14, a large number of individuals will occupy spaces in different parts of Delhi and express themselves through dance.
Dance, as a celebration of the end to silence and the beginning of an end to violence against women, an end to violence by humans against their fellow-humans.

Why Dance?

We believe that Dance and Music are powerful modes of self expression, mass mobilizers capable of creating the necessary thresholds of participation and engagement to highlight the muted aspects of sexual discrimination and violence.

“Dance as a medium of expression has the potential to enable individuals to express internalized oppression.  Therefore On 14th Feb we will dance to break the shackles of the patriarchal stereotypes that suppress/imprison men and women alike.. We dance to express freedom of our body mind and soul..we dance to reclaim public spaces..to reclaim our bodies and our rights…we dance to celebrate love equality and justice..we dance to challenge violent and aggressive norms that exist in our society..we dance in unity to reiterate our power and strength!

And we hope that the vibrations of our voices singing.. Our hands clapping..our feet stomping will reviberate and shake the very ground/foundations of violence and injustice!” – Sakshi Bhalla, Development worker, Delhi Rising

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