This year we launched our Thailand OBR2021 on the 17th of October with 30 young LBT , and women and children human rights defenders from indigenous communities who are landless and stateless.

Thailand OBR 2021 aims to

– Rise to end all forms of Gender Based violence all from of oppression against women and LGBTIQ
– Create Rising Gardens
– Rise for development justice for young LBT and women, especially those who come from the indigenous community that hold landless and stateless status, and who are suffering the most from the COVID19 pandemic.
– At the country level, Thailand OBR 2021 will also be the space and time to rise for reform for democracy and for advancing gender equality. In the current national protests, women are the main protesters .

We rise to end gender based violence and rise for democracy!

At the OBR Thailand 2021 launch, women came together in order to develop their work plan and activities for 2021. They committed to creating rising gardens, to growing their networks, and to keep fighting and rising for justice at all levels.

Our bigger Thailand OBR 2021 launch will be on the 25th of November at the Thai northern region, then 8th of March will be the Thailand OBR 2021 at Country level.