Eve’s best-selling book, The Apology, continues to generate meaningful discussions in media, social media, communities and groups. For over 21 years, V-Day, the global activist movement that grew out of The Vagina Monologues, has galvanized women survivors to tell their stories, break the silence, and call out systemic violence against all women, including cis women, trans women, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence.

Yet, we haven’t seen men move into the process of true apology. Of reckoning with their actions and moving towards accountability and transformation. Until now.

We are beginning to receive apologies from abusers for whom the book resonated.
Two such apologies can be read here.

Survivors are writing their own imagined apologies from their perpetrators, and sharing their experiences of transformation and healing.

In response to the interest and enthusiasm, Eve penned a powerful Op-Ed for NBC News, which you can read here.

“It then occurred to me that I had never heard a man make an honest, thorough, public accounting of his abuse. I had never heard a man openly apologize.”

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The Toolkit – created Farah Tanis, a transnational Black feminist, human rights activist and co-founder and Executive Director of Black Women’s Blueprint, the toolkit is designed to help survivors and their allies grapple with the idea of reckoning and apology.

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The Website – Building upon years of work with survivors, activists and anti-violence groups, V-Day launched theapologybook.net as an online space for readers, activists and survivors to process and explore the themes raised in the book, for perpetrators to begin their own processes of accountability and apology, and for survivors to write imagined apologies and offer themselves healing.